Phoenix Children’s Hospital: The Expansion

In 2011, Phoenix Children’s Hospital completed one of the largest expansions of a children’s hospital ever. Today, Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the third-largest in the nation. Every square foot was designed with children and their family members’ comfort and convenience in mind, with state-of-the-art techonology at every turn. The hospital’s design, color and artwork promote a safe, calm, and healing environment for our young patients. Beautiful landscaping, outside gardens, and a covered play area give children and families a place of respite.

And while the construction crews worked away, the hospital was also laying the groundwork for a more substantive and comprehensive approach to delivering pediatric healthcare, with an unprecedented level of expertise and technology in a sophisticated and healing environment.

A Commitment to Research

Technology, research, and innovation have changed the face of medicine, and Phoenix Children’s is committed to being on the forefront of future breakthroughs. Our pledge to become a leading clinical research centers. This will allow us to not only offer the most promising new treatment options for our patients, but push the boundaries of science to identify cures and better ways to care for even the most complex cases.

Expanding our Reach

We have expanded our unique brand of healthcare from the heart of Phoenix to high growth areas around the Valley. The Specialty and Urgent Care Centers in Mesa and Northeast Phoenix offer specialty care during the day by the same renowned specialists on our main campus, with walk-in advanced pediatric urgent care available on nights and weekends. Another center in Avondale will open its doors in the near future.

Collaborating for Better Care

Sharing resources and knowledge ultimately improves the care we provide our patients. A landmark strategic alliance with CHW/St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center has united our pediatric physicians, nurses and other staff on the Phoenix Children’s campus. By integrating the pediatric programs of both institutions we are stronger, broaden our scope and take advantage of our combined expertise on behalf of the children and families we serve.

Training the Next Generation of Pediatricians

Phoenix Children’s provides an integrated medical education program for our residents, training future pediatricians and specialists in all areas of care. By 2030, our community will need a minimum of 200 additional pediatric physicians, even as the nation sees a shortage of specialists in many care areas. Our academic affiliation with the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix helps address Arizona’s severe shortage of pediatricians with added medical residencies, and allows us to train and retain our own top talent while we position ourselves as one of the nation’s premier sites for pediatric healthcare training and research.