isaiah-and-patWhen I first met Isaiah, it was obvious that he has physical challenges. Born without a jaw, Isaiah can’t talk or eat, and receives all of his nutrition through a feeding tube. He was born with all of his organs transposed, and has endured several surgeries throughout his young life.

But, this isn’t what you notice…it’s certainly not what you see when you talk to Isaiah. What you do see is a 14 year old kid who is confident, happy and has just started his freshman year in high school. When I asked Isaiah where that self-confidence comes from he humbly replied through his computer, “Because the people at Phoenix Children’s Hospital believe in me.”

When you donate to Phoenix Children’s Hospital you are helping sick kids get better. You’re making sure that they have the technology, programs and research infrastructure that makes a hospital world-class. To put it simply, you’re giving children the healthy futures they deserve.

However, having met so many patients like Isaiah over the years, it’s abundantly clear that your gifts support a hospital that becomes a second home to many kids and families. The staff becomes a second family to them. How incredibly important is that? Just ask Isaiah.

Please do what you can to support this incredible resource that changes – and saves lives – every single day. There is nothing in this world more imperative than helping children, and I assure you that no one does it with more experience, passion and heart than the folks at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

- Pat McMahon